Thursday, September 9, 2010

Judging people

It really bothers me how much other people harass people for what they like. People like to do what they like to do, leave them be. If someone is not doing a certain activity that they truly would love to do, just because of what others think is very sad. If it doesn't affect you let it be, let people be happy. Understand that people like what they like, and let people like what they like. Just think about how'd you feel if someone harassed you for something you truly love to do. People really getting more accepting of others, but theres always room for improvement.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Money doesn't buy happiness.

Some would argue that money doesn't buy happiness. However I very rarely see a poor very happy person. Why is this?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

On regards to people giving thanks to god

I just don't understand why so many people thank god for so much. If something goes wrong they don't blame god, so why thank god for the good? Thank yourself, your situation, and luck. That's all there is in this world. If something goes wrong though, blame the situation and luck haha :p

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thoughts on World of Warcraft

So I just downloaded and installed World of Warcraft yesterday. The Game is very cool, and for being an MMORPG it has great and smooth graphics. The interface is pretty easy to use, however I do get lost all the time, but that's just cause I'm a noob lol. I honestly still don't know how to do the various noncombat skills, but I'll find out soon. Also I'm a hunter, and I got some ability at level 4, by the title and picture I assumed I was gonna turn in to a monkey. Didn't happen :(, I don't know when i get a hunter companion, but I really want one haha.
I understand why people are addicted to this game, It's a great game, but I just cannot get seriously into MMORPG's anymore. A few years ago i wasted most of my time playing the game Runescape, and I got completely burnt out on it, now I just can't get into them like i used to be able to. Which is a good thing I guess?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Regards to protests about the mosque in NY

First thing one must understand is that 99% of muslims are not terrorists. The ones that attacked the twin towers are not the ones planning this building. It's not even like the building is on top of ground zero, its just somewhat close. Quit making such a big deal about a little mosque, this is America. I don't know if you know this but there is a thing called freedom of religion in this country. Some Ignorant people say that allowing the muslims to build a mosque so close to ground zero is like admitting defeat, and that it's gonna start up more muslim controversy. Well just think if we denied the building permit on the simple notion that it's a mosque and not a church. Another random thought, at a random time.

How I feel about religion

Sure, the teachings of the various god's all have good parts, but let's face it. Organized religion is evil! Another random thought, at a random time.

Reading....Work In Progress

So recently I went to my local bookstore and got Dante's inferno. I am not past the introduction yet. I really wish I could read the whole thing, but within 2 minutes of starting I fall asleep. Maybe I'm just not cut out for book. Another random thought, at a random time.