Friday, September 3, 2010

Thoughts on World of Warcraft

So I just downloaded and installed World of Warcraft yesterday. The Game is very cool, and for being an MMORPG it has great and smooth graphics. The interface is pretty easy to use, however I do get lost all the time, but that's just cause I'm a noob lol. I honestly still don't know how to do the various noncombat skills, but I'll find out soon. Also I'm a hunter, and I got some ability at level 4, by the title and picture I assumed I was gonna turn in to a monkey. Didn't happen :(, I don't know when i get a hunter companion, but I really want one haha.
I understand why people are addicted to this game, It's a great game, but I just cannot get seriously into MMORPG's anymore. A few years ago i wasted most of my time playing the game Runescape, and I got completely burnt out on it, now I just can't get into them like i used to be able to. Which is a good thing I guess?