Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I feel about religion

Sure, the teachings of the various god's all have good parts, but let's face it. Organized religion is evil! Another random thought, at a random time.


  1. There is nothing that is intrinsically good or evil. Like all things, organized religion can be either a tool for inspiration or a tool for destruction.
    I know many people who take profound solace and wisdom from spiritual inclination, and their peace is genuine - not borne from ignorance and bigotry, as often goes hand in hand with organized religion, but from genuine soul-seeking and introspection, their motivation and determination granted to them by their belief systems.

    What can be construed as evil, however, is the actions some undertake under the umbrella of organized religion. Al-Qaeda's profoundly hostile doctrine; zealous Christians who would sooner see the carnage of hundreds than a simple technological advance that would, in their opinion, distance the world from God.

    I think people look at organized religion too much as the source of problems. There's nothing wrong with religion. There's nothing wrong with faith, or idealism. There is, however, something wrong with murder, rape, disrespect and intolerance. When any religion - no matter what other creeds that religion preaches - advocates such universal crimes, then that religion becomes a thing of evil.

  2. I agree with you, but can't one find peace and wisdom from the teachings of their god of choice? Rather than attending service, paying their money to support the oversized church, mosque, synagogue etc. etc. Sure church is a great social setting, where people can meet others with similar beliefs. Therefore I totally agree that it can be a great thing for some people.